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This week's Bad Rabbit Prize goes to the web designers of David Green (`no right-clicking on this website') with a nomination for the Nija designers (Flash abuse, but the site is still under construction); I don't care what you do on your corporate intranets, but on the WWW technology should be used to help people IN, not to block them OUT.
Special mention for Pappas Furs (the one from Canada), Lea Furs and above all, Dainese. I have seen the future: it's soft, fuzzy ... and it has knock-out colours.


Due to the increasing amount of junk E-mail through web-harvested addresses, I have decided to phase out my 'geocities' and `bigfoot' mail addresses. If you have been using either of these (check in your Email program), change the setting of the softspot address into

If you have trouble reading this graphic, there is a link at the bottom of this page, but you have to change this before using, as it's altered to thwart mail robots. Sorry for the inconvenience. Note: if you are using my w x s address, please keep doing so! However, if you want to pass on my mail address to somebody, use the planet one given above. Thanks in advance.


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