The Soft Spot Gallery



for indefinite time.

Some individuals have chosen to regard this Gallery and the Soft Spot Fashion Forum as a convenient grab-bag and pillage the best material to show it off elsewhere (most notably the NTC upload area). While the Soft Spot is not the only site suffering from this kind of behaviour, I think it was time someone took a stance.

Currently I'm rethinking the future of the Soft Spot and its Gallery. Options are:

- just E-mailing my scans to a few friends (sorry, Lynx!);
- posting them to a very private club (freeloaders and mouse potatoes not invited);
- restarting the Gallery on a smaller scale with or without a password protection;
- not restarting the Gallery at all;
- and/or closing the Soft Spot altogether. I admit the Links section is by far the most useful part of the site, but the Gallery
really is my baby.

If you've been a regular contributor and if I have your E-mail address, I will know where to find you and continue sharing my scan and picture collection with you. I regret it is apparently not possible to promote Furs As I Like Them any longer.

It might be that this all due to an action of a solitary weasel, a newbie or even clever (credit where credit's due) AR sabotage, but if so, I'm disappointed by the way some of us are playing into their hands.  Every single picture in the NTC upload area is reviewed by Frank, for every single picture a 'post' button has to be pushed, so to speak, what could be easier than not doing that when there - e.g. - is a FF logo visible? What could be easier than at least putting up a request not to re-post images from Soft Spot listed sites?
I'm willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but it seems there is a genuine conflict of (commercial) interests here. For, as someone pointed out before a hard disk crash on NTC conveniently removed all pertaining messages, the NTC cdroms have to be filled too.
However, let me get this straight:

I don't mind people making money out of their site, like FrankNTC or Furry Nice,

I even don't mind some of my scans ending up on the NTC cdroms - or I wouldn't have posted some of them in the Upload area myself,

But neither I do want a situation where people can just visit NTC in the knowledge everything worthwhile will show up there, and ignore the Soft Spot Gallery, the Soft Spot Fashion Forum and sites like Foxfox', The Fur Palace, knowing they're just a kind of add-on NTC hard disk space, just good enough to keep the material until some 'do-gooder' come to take his pick of the best and show it in the Upload Area.

Mikhail K.