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Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf

Or: a fur big enough to eat your grandmother ... A few months ago a furrier in Hamburg was so kind to give me a leaflet with some info and pictures - among these two pictures of wolf fur coats, a kind of fur I had not been aware of at the time. I really think it looks wonderful. So, some attention here for this underrated, unknown and underestimated kind of fur.

Ladies in wolf and redfox, 67 KbWoman in wolf fur coat, 54 Kb

The other woman in the first picture is wearing redfox. And some pictures gathered on the web:

Woman in wolf coat, 99 KbWoman in brown wolf fur coat, 23 KbWoman in wolf fur coat and hat, 64 KbWoman skating in wolf fur trim and collar coat, 24 Kb

Needless to say, additions to this small collection are welcome. I will post them here unless you object.

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