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Party Feathers

Party season, feather season. These are some snaps and grabs from the end of year jollifications of the almost famous and the should-be celebrities. The ostrich feather boa, until recently banished to show business, crept in through the backdoor of the dance scene and is now almost respectable again - I was even able to spot some on a corporate Christmas dinner.

Woman with ostrich feather boa 67 KbGirls with ostrich feather boas 79 KbGirls in feathered dresses 57 KbKari Wuhrer in white ostrich feather boa 41 KbGirls in ostrich feather boas 37 Kb

The girl in the white boa, second from right, is Kari Wuhrer from 'Sliders' (thanks for the info, Simon!).


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