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No, I am not a fan of her, especially not after her pushing Dolly Parton's I will always love you over the edge into nauseating sentimentality (on which it was just balancing), but very recently I found out she isn't so politically correct as I feared: I did some research and I discovered she wore fur on stage, off stage and anywhere in between. And some quite nice fur too. Most of the pictures on this spot come from the humongously large Whitney Houston Worship Page (the title says it all).
The reason to include them here are:

The good news is: there is more where this came from, although I'm afraid I've picked the cream of the crop. If you want to say goodbye to passive lurkerdom, I'd welcome `restorations' of the bottom row of pictures. And if you are working in a CD-shop or have access to a large CD-library, you might want to try to get a better scan of whit960.jpg.
Also, features an article about W h i t n e y  H o u s t o n 's designer, Nija.

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