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Fox dress by Gaultier 28 KbFox dress by Gaultier 133 KbDress of Red fox fur by Gaultier 31 KbDress of red fox fur by Gaultier 28 Kb

Haute couture gets more fun every year, it seems. When I saw the second picture from the left, I was excited for several days - and they hadn't even bothered to put it on a real woman (I would have settled for a real mannequin even ...). This one is by Gaultier, it's from this autumn's haute couture collection. As some of you know, I have a soft spot for bulky furs, and for furs used in and on skirts and dresses. To see an dress of fox, entirely of fox, was beyond my wildest dreams. And to use a material that we have come to know - and love - as bulky in such an elegant way, well, it shows the man is a genius.

Silverfox fur collared kimono by Galliano (72 kB)Silverfox fur collared kimono by Galliano (85 kB) RETRO-VINTAGE A 20s-style kimono designed by one of my favourite designers, John Galliano. The collar is silver fox although it looks blue - but then again, you probably know, ah, yes you do, that blue fox is actually white, or if it's really really blue, its actually dyed ...Another white elephant fur, really. It makes you wonder what this or that celebrity who's now trotting about in some yucky neo-hippie rag, could have looked like. For the time being, I like the model that is wearing it though. Any body any clue who she is? I saw a series of pictures that showed her wearing quite a number of Galliano designs.

Leo was so kind to send me touched up version of these pictures:

Galliano 20s style silverfox kimono, touched up version 115 KbGalliano 20s style, silver fox kimono 32 Kb

REAL VINTAGE And, as a contrast, some vintage. On the next pictures pre-war actress Lillian Harvey and a marvelous fox trimmed dress. I hope to give her some more attention on these pages soon.

Lillian Harvey in fox trimmed dress 58 KbLillian Harvey in fox trimmed dress 61 KbLilian Harvey, in fox fur trimmed 30s dress (100 Kb)

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