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Welcome to the softest spot, the heart, the soft core of the Soft Spot. This section of the site is dedicated to the furs that make me go weak in the knees, fuzzy in the head and, well ... To me, the quintessence of fur and feathers is in their softness, or better in its fluffiness - the ability to transform a woman in a haloed goddess, an animal halfway between man and nature, and something you desperately want to hug and cuddle, all at the same time ... alright, enough of the litruchure now.
To me, such fur, fake fur or feather must be long-haired, soft and dense. So, sorry to the lovers of shearling, shorn mink and persianer, but this is not your place.

mk0472.jpg (118250 bytes)mk0471a.jpg (215879 bytes)mk0471.jpg (155437 bytes)   This creation by Karl Lagerfeld (for Chanel) isn't one for the fur purists, I guess, but for all I know, this is fur. (The magazine told me so.) A fetishist's dream: a woman covered in long hairy stuff, from her head to her toes. Or, I wonder if any designer will top this (off) with a hood perhaps. Come back Karl, all is forgotten and forgiven ...


mk0019.jpg (95018 bytes) mk0173.jpg (112261 bytes)

The one on the left is long-haired lamb fur - perhaps disappointing when you touch it, but sometimes it's just the idea that counts. As such, it comes pretty close to what I mean. To the right, another wonderful lamb coat.


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To show you that fluff ultra is of all ages. These are from my collection of vintage postcards; the woman on the left is the American actress Ruth Taylor. The 20s were wonderful regarding big, long haired furs.


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Fluff is a great enhancer of qualities traditionally seen as feminine (warmth, softness) - which is why it must be so popular with TVs, perhaps - and it can be as ostentatious as you want it. So, some of the best was worn in the Mecca of the glamour age, Hollywood and the movie industry. To the left a very young Lucille Ball in a cameo (anyone remember that episode of her show that became so legendary that a band was called after it?). The cape is by Bernard Newman, the movie is 'Roberta' (1935). In the middle tap dancer Ann Miller. To the right actress Heather Stewart White. If I only were allowed to include one picture on this subject, it would have to be this unbelievable still. Anything better than fur would have to look like this ...

mk0123.jpg (45450 bytes) mk0315.jpg (51272 bytes)

Back to our own day and age. Modern, youth-oriented fashion loves fluff, perhaps through the lamb-trims of neo-hippiedom. Whatever. To the right, aspiring English actress and socialite Tamara Beckwith, in feather I think. I just couldn't let her out.

mk0128.jpg (35145 bytes) mk0208.jpg (56698 bytes)

Finally, some real fur again. To the left the classic Gucci 'chubby' as designed by Marc Jacobs. Sit back and worship. To the right, my favourite fur and one of my favourite actresses, ex-Bond Girl Ursula Andress in lynx.

Feedback, opinions and contributions (ideally not seen somewhere else already) to this page are more than welcome.

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