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White Elephant Furs

A section dedicated to furs you see in your dreams, on the runway, but hardly ever in real life. Or aren't we mixing with right crowd?

Natural Fawn Fox Coat, Christie brother ad (64 kB)Natural Fawn Fox Coat (49 kB)Big foxes, really BIG foxes seem to be back, although I haven't seen one in the streets so far ... Still, this 'natural fawn fox coat' is typically one of these coats that make your wonder: alright, this is not a dream, they exist. But where are they, who is wearing one? But if you happen to own one, and just don't know what to do with it ... just contact me, right?

Claudia Cardinale in long fox fur coat (62 kb)Silvana Mangano in Fendi fox fur (60 Kb)To make up for it, two slightly older 'white elephant furs', worn by Claudia Cardinale and Silvana Mangano (in the bright white fox, by Fendi), both Italian movie actresses. As far as I know these two are modelling these furs, not showing off their own.


M a r i n a  A n i s s i n a
. And sometimes they just do get off the runway ... Figure skater Marina Anissina in what looks like a full size crystal fox fur coat to me. The mink picture was in the same article, but I'll throw it in as a bonus - it's not quite a white elephant fur, as there are plenty about. Honest.

mk0462.jpg (62342 bytes) mk0462a.jpg (113361 bytes) mk0463a.jpg (96086 bytes)


mk0460.jpg (92067 bytes)H a n n i b a l  L a g u n a / T o n o  S a n m a r t n
It will be a while before you'll see walking into a party wearing this. Laguna and Sammartin are a couple of Spanish designer who got some attention before on the Softspot. If this isn't the stuff my dreams of ... this is.


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