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I have a soft spot for Cher, because she is a genuine rebel - not in the politically correct Spice Girl / Billy Idol way, but the real thing.
And of course, she is never afraid to do or wear something outrageous. The white fox outfit can be seen in a Cher video call Cher at the Mirage, showing her at her `Heart of Stone' tour - the song is called The Ice Queen.

Cher in white fox fur 11 KbCher in white fox fur 30 KbCher in badger (?) fur 120 KbCher in Mackie outfit 25 Kb

There is a Cher page on the WWW, but unfortunately the owner got one of those bright ideas that are destined to infuriate everybody else - i.e., he turned his larger pictures into a jigsaw and divided them over a table. Ain't that ... neat? So, now you know why they were saved to quickly, you got just a piece of it. (Just have a second look with an image viewer.) Usually I avoid to use pictures from elsewhere, but in this case it seemed rather ... uh ... neat to make them available and saveable here.

Cher in crystal fox coat 10 KbCher in fox trimmed 60s outfit 153 KbCher in 3/4 dyed fox coat 129 Kb

And while I was at it, I decided to have some scans out of the way. The first two pictures are from Cher's latest movie, Tea with Mussolini. I love those double fox stoles. The third is from a rather awful postcard I bought in London, included here for completeness' sake.

Cher in silverfox stole 94 KbCher in silverfox stole 96 KbCher in fox fur vest 89 KbCher in red fox coat 55 Kb


Some leftovers from last time, but I do like the second and the third one, as well as the Mackie sketch which looks to me more like a drawing than a sketch. Of course, in the first it's actually S o n n y who is wearing the (fake) fur.

60sc.jpg (75495 bytes) CherGoldenGlobe.jpg (42415 bytes) mackie.gif (10677 bytes) wguns.jpg (19913 bytes) wsketch2.jpg (55016 bytes)


cher_a.jpg (33934 bytes) cher3.gif (54754 bytes) cher_20fox_20cvr.jpg (18747 bytes) soncher_20tv_20mov.jpg (46290 bytes) soncherbobcat1.jpg (21297 bytes) soncherjungle1.jpg (35146 bytes)

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