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Yahoo UK & Ireland

fur(s); furrier fur jacket, fur coat fur shop; fur trade stole; fur stole fake fur

faux fur

feather, feather boa, feathered dress, - skirt, ostrich, marabou

Yahoo France

fourrure, pelleterie; pelletier, fourreur pelisse pelleterie Útole, boa; tour de cou en fourrure   plumes, boa Ó plumes, robe Ó ..., jupe Ó ..., autruche, marabout

Yahoo Deutschland

Pelz Pelz, Pelzjacke, Pelzmantel Pelzladen; Pelzhandel Stola; Pelzstola    

Ilse, Search NL

bont; bontwerker bontjas, bontmantel bontwinkel, bonthandel; bonthandel stola; bontstola kunstbont, imitatiebont veren, veren boa, jurk met veren, rok met -, struisvogel, maraboe
Italiano pelliccia; pellicciaio cappotto di pelliccia pellicceria stola; stola di pelliccia    
Espa˝ol2 piel; peletero pelliza, peleterÝa peleterÝa estola    
CatalÓ pell; pelleter, pellaire abric de pells   estola    



1 The search definitions are completely in lower case. You will find that a lot of people have Pelz as a surname, so perhaps it is best to avoid looking for Pelz only.
2 The Spanish piel also means `leather'. Very annoying, yes.

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The languages included are - in case you can't comprehend the first column - English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Catalan. I will gladly include others on request, but only if you give me at least some of the translations. For technical reasons Russian, Greek, Chinese,  Japanese and other languages that use a non-Latin alfabet are also not included. Look up a webpage in any of those languages and you will know why. Apart from that, this selection is only limited by my collection of dictionaries and language knowledge, not by any preference for or against your native tongue, whatever that may be.

If you find mistakes in this list - there are bound to be some - don't get angry, just let me know.

Finally, this list is not meant for solipsistic droolers, mouse potatoes and other sociopaths. If you find a really cool new link using this list, let me know so I can include it on the Mikhail's Soft Spot page and everybody else con join in the fun. That page should give you an idea of what I like. I am not interested in plain fur shop adress listings or in classified ads; solitary fur pictures can be posted in the Fur Forum of Ntcweb.

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